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Lovandieu Laurore, Esquire


Attorney Laurore immigrated to the United States in July 2000 from Haiti on his own, after his mother passed away while his father and the rest of his relative stayed back in his homeland. It was, indeed, a long journey. After Mr. Laurore arrived in the United States, he settled in West Palm Beach, Florida. He took a construction job so that he could raise enough money to buy a used vehicle to get around and to start school at a local community college while working full time. Mr. Laurore did not have a green card, so he had to navigate the complex web of immigration law in the pursuit of his own green card as he wanted to make the United States his adoptive country. Mr. Laurore did not have the wherewithal to hire a competent immigration lawyer, so he took the long road ahead to represent himself in the immigration proceeding. Mr. Laurore became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2010 in Los Angeles, California while in Law School. Mr. Laurore intended to attend medical school to become a practicing physician. However, his immigration experience had changed his mind, which made him want to become a lawyer so that he can represent people who arrive in the United States under similar circumstances and who need representation. That was the tipping point of his legal career as a compassionate, dedicated and sympathetic immigration lawyer delivering exceptional legal representation.


Mr. Laurore attended Palm Beach Community College where he obtained his AA degree then he transferred to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) to finish his undergraduate studies where he majored in Political Science and minored in Biological Science. Following hisi graduation at FAU, Mr. Laurore went to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Arkansas for his Master in Public Service. Following that, he completed his international Public Service in Europe (mainly Geneva, Switzerland and Prague, Czech Republic) in public advocacy as part of his graduate study; Mr. Laurore went on to the University of Oxford where he studied International Law focusing on refugee and migration laws. After he returned back to the United States, Mr. Laurore went on to attend Santa Barbara College of Law and Florida A&M University College of Law.


Mr. Laurore is a strong immigrant advocate. Since Undergraduate school, he has volunteered with Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County working with staff attorneys defending immigrant rights. He also volunteered with Orange County Legal Aid to help facilitate legal assistance to the immigrant community. Furthermore, while in law school, Mr. Laurore worked with local non-profit organization advocating for immigrant rights in rural communities in southern California. He is a dedicated, knowledge able and diligent attorney dedicated to defend immigrants regardless of your circumstances.

“Attorney Laurore has been in your shoes, so he feels your immigration pain”

Laurore Law Firm, P.A.

The Laurore Law Firm, P.A. is a private practice law firm focusing on Immigration Law.

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